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MFH in Zambia

Over 50% of the population in Zambia lives below the poverty line, an estimated 70% is food insecure and 45% of its children are stunted. This country has some of the worst maternal and child health outcomes in the Southern-Central African region. Our newest project supports Catholic Sisters in the Eastern Province to better serve the needs of mothers and children in rural areas. We are working with the Catholic Episcopal Conference Health Unit and the Sisters of Charity of Ottawa running the Muzeyi Health Center to improve community outreach and education, increase service utilization and improve water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) practices.

Despite the availability of free healthcare services at public facilities and a large majority of private clinics, accessing care is a challenge for many impoverished women in remote communities of Zambia. Over 40% of the country's rural population lives more than 5km (8 miles) from the nearest health center and few women can afford to sacrifice time and resources for transport. Over 50% of deliveries occur in the home, without the assistance of a skill health care worker. MFH is trying to make a change.

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  • Catholic Episcopal Conference Health Unit
  • Sisters of Charity Ottawa

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