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MFH in the Dominican Republic

The infant and child mortality rates in the Dominican Republic have been increasing over the past several years primarily in rural, impoverished communities. The reason remains relatively unknown. Newborn babies are particularly susceptible to infections and respiratory problems and their ability to thrive is also directly linked to the health of the mother during pregnancy. Medicines for Humanity (MFH) projects in this region focus on reducing infant and child deaths with a a key goal of improving prenatal care and nutrition for pregnant women. MFH successfully implemented home gardens and nutrition education for pregnant mothers, strengthened community health worker outreach and knowledge, supported mobile clinics to the “batey” villages, and improved health services for mothers and children throughout 4 project sites.

child being weighed

Project Sites


  • Daughters of Charity
  • Federico A. Aybar Hospital
  • Hospital Rosa Duarte
  • The Grey Sisters

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