Sr. Joyce Meyer, PBVM Receives Humanitarian Of The Year Award

Medicines for Humanity (MFH) presents Sr. Joyce Meyer, PBVM with the 2015 MFH Humanitarian of the Year Award. From left to right: MFH Board Member and Dinner Chair Thomas M. O’Neill, Sr. Joyce Meyer, MFH Executive Director Tim Bilodeau.

September 21, 2015 - Medicines for Humanity (MFH), has honored Sr. Joyce Meyer, PBVM with its 2015 Humanitarian of the Year award. The presentation was made during the annual MFH Humanitarian Awards Dinner held at the Harvard Club in Boston.

When presenting the award, MFH board member, Thomas M. O’Neill stated, “You have made the remarkable discovery that the most effective antidote to the needless deaths of children is not a new medicine or vaccine. Rather, it is the talent, the service capacity, the commitment, and the authentic selflessness of women religious… sisters. You have inspired sisters all over the world to realize their potential to help our most vulnerable children. Your vision has become central to the work of Medicines for Humanity.”

Sr. Joyce Meyer is a sister of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and has served on the congregation’s leadership team for many years as well serving as the Board President of their Health System. She served as the Executive Director of The Conrad N. Hilton Fund for Sisters and has served on the Board of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation. She has spent much of her life helping sisters reach their potential to make the world a better place. Sr. Joyce is currently a member of the Medicines for Humanity Board of Directors. She has been instrumental in initiating projects to build the maternal and child health capacity of congregations of religious women in Cameroon and Haiti that are helping to transform healthcare in those regions.

Medicines for Humanity is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that works in collaboration with in-country healthcare partners, typically communities of women religious (CWRs) and dioceses, to reach and provide critically needed healthcare services to as many children as possible. These health services are targeted to prevent or treat the major causes of child mortality. This year, it is estimated that more than one million of these healthcare services and treatments will be provided through MFH projects to children under 5 years old (the most vulnerable age group) and their caregivers.

Click here to view award presentation and remarks from Sr. Joyce Meyer

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