Saving Lives Through Nutrition in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Malnourishment among children and mothers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is at a crisis level. Nearly half of the country’s children are chronically malnourished. Medicines for Humanity is responding with a comprehensive nutrition program to address both immediate and long-term nutritional needs. 

Our approach gives clinic staff and Community Health Workers (CHWs) essential skills for diagnosing, treating, managing, and preventing malnutrition in women and children. This capacity-building effort ensures that local healthcare providers are well-equipped to handle malnutrition cases effectively and sustainably. 

At the household level,
we are improving food security and nutritional diversity. We have initiated sustainable home and community gardens, providing seeds and tools to over 300 vulnerable households with children suffering from recurrent malnutrition. These families receive extensive training and support to maintain their crops, enhance their nutritional intake, and ensure the sustainability of their food sources. 

Through this initiative, families are not only able to improve their immediate nutritional state, but also gain the skills and resources needed to replant and sustain their gardens, fostering long-term food security. This holistic approach is making a significant difference in the lives of many, helping to save lives and build healthier futures in the DRC. 

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