MFH Adds First Sudan Staff Member

Gassim Kunda has been hired to fill the newly created position of Technical Advisor, Sudan. In this role he will provide technical and operational oversight for MFH efforts to bring about transformational change that will lead to lower child mortality and stronger clinical and community maternal and child health services in that war-torn country. Currently, he is helping to develop the PEACE* Project in collaboration with Bishop Yunan Tombe and the staff of the Diocese of El Obeid. The acronym PEACE stands for Pastoral Engagement for Acceptance, Collaboration and Empowerment, and is a 5-year, multi-faceted, ambitious initiative designed to support locally led efforts for sustainable renewal and restoration in this region.

Prior to joining Medicines for Humanity, Gassim was a manager of development and relief programs for the Sudanese Development & Relief Agency (SUDRA). He went on to become executive manager for SUDRA and general manager for Libya Oil Sudan Ltd. (LOSL) during that company’s absence. He has significant experience in supply chain contracting and procurement, logistics and warehouse management, audit and control, human resource management and relief and project management with UNICEF, ACROSS, UNDP, Shell and LOSL. Most recently, he was the HR & Facilities Manager for Libya Oil Sudan Company in Khartoum.

“Gassim will work closely with Bishop Tombe and the Diocese to restructure their operations, assess gaps and capacity and establish central mechanisms for management and operation of a large project,” explained MFH Program Services Director Kenneth Muko. “He will also be critical to building the capacity of Diocesan staff and will provide overall technical support on the project’s operations and start up. In addition, Gassim will be the primary manager of all MFH activities in Sudan and provide technical support to our work in the country and the region.”

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