MFH Joins New Initiative in Cameroon

Medicines for Humanity is pleased to announce that the Government of Cameroon has invited MFH to participate in its new holistic Community Health Worker (CHW) program. The integration of CHWs into national health systems is known to greatly improve healthcare for women and children in developing countries. MFH has been providing training for CHWs and supporting their activities in Cameroon since 2016, and the results of our work helped to convince the Government to move forward with this new program. The Government has asked that MFH be part of the taskforce for rolling out the program and that our staff become official CHW trainers. Two of our MFH colleagues in Cameroon – Formbui Paul and Olivia Ambang Acha-Morfaw – will attend an upcoming series of workshops (along with UNICEF and other invitees) to be trained as trainers for the country. This program is an important step forward in strengthening Cameroon’s health system and bettering the health of the country’s people, and MFH is proud to be part of it.

mother and child in Cameroon

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