MFH is Grateful to the Cameroonian Community in Iowa (CCI)

CCI is a network of Cameroonians living in Iowa who come together as a family. No one knows better than the CCI community how terrible the last few years have been for the people of North West and South West Cameroon. Civil strife there has driven many families from their homes. Many are hiding in the forests without food, clean water, shelter, or healthcare. MFH is helping as many women and children as we can through our emergency program, and CCI has added their support through a financial contribution so we can reach even more families in desperate need. CCI’s generosity will help our project partners, staff, and community health workers provide food for hungry children, help displaced pregnant women deliver their babies more safely, help newborns survive, and provide basic essentials like blankets to families whose lives have been thrown into chaos by this terrible conflict. Thank you to the CCI family!

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