MFH Celebrates 50th Anniversary of the Njinikom Hospital

Njinikom 50th Anniv.
MFH Program Director, Kenneth Muko; Sr. Xaveria, TSSF; MFH Country Coordinator, Paul Formbui

MFH Executive Director, Tim Bilodeau, often says that MFH is distinguished by the dedication of our in-country partners and by the quality of our relationships with them. An outstanding example is the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis (TSSF), MFH’s partner in Cameroon since 2006.

April 20, 2013 marked the 50th Anniversary of the Njinikom Hospital, which was founded by the TSSF. The celebration was widely attended and included many dignitaries. MFH was proudly represented by MFH Country Coordinator, Paul Formbui, and MFH Program Director, Kenneth Muko. Kenneth made a speech that commemorated the longstanding partnership between the Tertiary Sisters and MFH. During his remarks he said, “MFH is proud and grateful for the opportunity to partner with the TSSF for more than 7 years. Originally started as a pilot project in the Njinikom area, MFH program activities have now been “scaled out” to encompass 10 projects in 14 sites across the northwest and southwest regions of Cameroon. MFH hopes to expand coverage to include TSSF sites in other neighboring countries, particularly the Congo. We are hopeful, that someday in the future we will be celebrating a 50th anniversary of this partnership between MFH and the TSSF.”

All of us at MFH congratulate The Tertiary Sisters on the 50th anniversary of their hospital and we are proud of the long lasting relationships we have with all of our in country partners.

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