Learning for Humanity Path Yields Great Results

In the town of Choggu, a suburb of Tamale in Ghana, Africa, Sister Eunice Angsotenge, a Franciscan Missionary of Mary, has transformed a challenge into an opportunity. Faced with the high cost and uncertain sources of vegetables during the dry season, Sister Eunice drew on her training from the "Learning for Humanity" Leadership course by Medicines for Humanity to start a solution for her community.

Sister Eunice identified a significant problem: the scarcity of affordable and reliable vegetables. Inspired by the problem-solving skills she gained from the course, she collaborated with the community gardener to start a small garden.

The garden, currently grows Amaranth and White Roselle Hibiscus. The pepper seeds that were planted did not germinate, but Sister Eunice remains undeterred. With the arrival of the rainy season, the garden is set for expansion with new seeds provided by the community, including lettuce, green pepper, carrots, and cucumber.

This initiative helps to feed twenty people and also reduces the need to purchase vegetables from the market. "This garden has provided and will continue to provide reliable and cost-friendly home-grown vegetables for our meals," says Sister Eunice.

The garden's success highlights the importance of local solutions to local problems and underscores the impact of the "Learning for Humanity" courses in empowering individuals to address community needs.

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