Great Progress in Quisqueya, Dominican Republic

MFH Development Director Dick Weisberg and children from Batey 14, Quisqueya, Dominican Republic

August 2012 - When we began serving the people of the bateyes surrounding Quisqueya in the Dominican Republic ten years ago, child mortality was high. The mobile clinic program that the Daughters of Charity innovated has been operating daily for eleven years now. “Dr. Tony,” a child from a batey who grew up, went to medical school and has been providing primary healthcare to the people on the bateyes from the inside of a converted van since the program started is still on the job.

But in addition to Dr Tony, the Sisters and the mobile clinic… there are now Community Health Workers, one from each batey. They have been trained to recognize symptoms of diseases that can cause the death of young children. They refer them to Dr. Tony when he visits. In the more acute cases, they call Dr. Tony immediately to ask his advice. They also make home visits and educate new mothers about nutrition, healthcare, and sanitation.

Are we making a difference? Two weeks ago on a visit to the Dominican Republic, we heard Sor Concepcion, our project partner, tell us that, “in the past year, not one child has died on the Quisqueya bateyes that we serve due to lack of healthcare services. I thank God for this great accomplishment.”

This article was reported by MFH Development Director Dick Weisberg.

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