MFH Partner Health Facilities in Cameroon Face Violence and Danger

“It is frightening! Unfortunately, we hear these stories from our partner health facilities often,” says MFH Cameroon Project Coordinator Olivia Ambang. She was referring to the story by one of our in-country partners that was recently published in the Global Sisters Report (link below).

Olivia added, “One time the military stormed the Djottin health facility and our partner there, Sister Thia was arrested. I remember our partner in Sabongari telling me several times that the military had stormed their health center and pointed guns at staff. The clinic in Bukow is still closed because of the military. Sadly, the military that are supposed to protect people are involved in some of these atrocities against health personnel.”

Medicines for Humanity continues to support our partners and projects in Cameroon and sends relief supplies to displaced people and Cameroon refugees who have been forced to flee their homes because of the political crisis. You can make a donation to support our efforts here.

Please read Sr. Kenyuyfoon Gloria Wirba’s story in the Global Sisters Report here. 

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