The 1st Annual Bowl for Humanity

March 3, 2017 - The 1st Annual Bowl for Humanity was organized and hosted at South Boston Candlepin by Nicole McNally, Emilie Sullivan and Kim Palumbo. These "lifesavers" brought 80 bowlers together and raised nearly $4,000 for Medicines for Humanity and the vulnerable children our projects serve.

At the event, Chris Bilodeau, MFH Associate Director of Development, said, "It's hard to imagine but 16,000 children under five years old died today. The tragedy is that most of these deaths could have been prevented. These kids are dying from diseases like diarrhea, pneumonia, malaria and malnutrition - diseases we know how to treat and prevent. To us, this is the greatest injustice in the world today. People like Emilie, Nicole, and Kim - people who recognize this injustice and take action - are what makes Medicines for Humanity tick. I hope everyone here tonight feels really good about supporting them, Medicines for Humanity, and our shared mission to save lives."

If you'd like to take action and save lives by hosting a fundraiser for Medicines for Humanity or if you would like to donate a portion of proceeds from an existing event, please contact Chris Bilodeau (

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