Medicines for Humanity Moto-Ambulance


What is it?

Transporting patients, especially pregnant women, from rural villages to a local clinic or hospital several miles away is challenging and costly. Even in the rare occasion that an automobile is available, the roadways are often closed because of the insecurity or impassible because of flood waters or other natural disasters.

Last year, MFH began using moto-ambulances at two sites in the North West region of Cameroon. Never before used in Cameroon, these innovative, locally constructed, all terrain motorbikes have a sturdy patient carrier that can be attached to the side or the front of the bike depending on the conditions and width of the roads being travelled. They have proven to be an invaluable life-saving resource! Transport is available free of charge using a dedicated phone number.



To date, more than 170 patients have been safely transported to a health facility from their remote locations, including:

  • 58 pregnant women
  • 92 children
  • 15 patients with severe wounds
  • 6 elderly people

Without MFH’s moto-ambulances most of these people would not have been able to access health services.

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Pregnant woman transported on bike ambulance

How You Can Help

MFH is working to secure additional support to expand this medical transport initiative. We are currently supporting 17 Cameroonian health facilities in the North West and South West that would greatly benefit from access to a moto-ambulance.

Each vehicle, which costs only $1,800, will provide critical health care access to hundreds of families trying to survive the unimaginable violent crisis that continues to threaten their well-being 


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