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Learning for Humanity is a customized, online learning experience created for Catholic Sisters and frontline health workers. It supports efforts to save the lives of children and their mothers by building the knowledge, skills, and capacity of providers worldwide to strengthen health systems and empower communities.

Virtual Online Learning that Leads to Transformative Results!

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  • Courses grouped into Learning Paths
  • Students are guided by a facilitator
  • Interactive and engaging elements
  • Live sessions with experts
  • Collaborative learning
  • Accessible on any device at any time
  • Collaborate with other Sisters via the L4H Community Center
  • Affordable payment options for Sisters

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Our Learning Paths

Management Option 1

Health Care Management

Length: 9 Weeks

Learners will review core management concepts and develop practical skills that can be applied in health facility settings. Topics covered: 

  • The Management Process
  • Organizational Documents
  • Budgeting and Finance
  • Asset Management
  • Human Resources

*Course available in English, French and Spanish


Leadership (1)


Length: 8 Weeks

Learners will practice leadership skills for application in nonprofit organizations and health facility settings and develop a performance improvement plan. Topics covered: 

  • Leadership Styles
  • Inspiring a Shared Vision
  • Motivating Others
  • Managing Delivery of the Vision
  • Communication
  • Problem-Solving
  • Leaving a Lasting Legacy

*Course available in English, French and Spanish

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CHW Program Management

Length: 4 Weeks

Learners are introduced to the project management process and how to apply these concepts to community health worker (CHW) programs. Topics covered: 

An Overview of Project Management

  • CHW Program Management
  • Assessment and Improvement of CHW Programs

*Course available in English, French and Spanish

* Prerequisite: Health Care Management


Pharmacy Management

Length: 6 Weeks

Learners are provided practical knowledge and tools to manage health facility pharmacies and drug stores. Topics covered: 

The Medication Management Cycle

  • Rational Use of Medicines
  • Financing Pharmacies

*Course available in English, French & Spanish

* Prerequisite: Health Care Management

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Project Management

Length: 9 Weeks

Learners will understand basic project management principles to improve their project management skills or manage a project for the first time. Topics covered:  

  • The Project Management Overview 
  • The Project Management Cycle 
  • Project Budgeting Best Practices 
  • An Overview of Monitoring and Evaluation 

*Course available in English and French

* Prerequisite: Health Care Management


Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

Length: 7 Weeks

Learners will learn how to apply M&E concepts to their health facility programs for improved operations and patient quality of care. Topics covered: 

  • Introduction to M&E
  • Planning for Monitoring 
  • Data Concepts 
  • Data Collection 
  • Using Data 
  • Project Evaluation & Documentation 

*Course available in English and French 

* Prerequisite: Health Care Management & Project Management

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Improving Nutrition Outcomes

Length: 7 Weeks

Learners will acquire nutrition best practices for application in their community and facility-based programs. Topics covered: 

  • An Introduction to Nutrition 
  • Nutrition During the Life Cycle 
  • Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) 
  • Nutrition in Emergencies and Disasters 
  • Health Facility-based Nutrition Interventions 
  • Implementing Community Nutrition Programs 

*Course available in English


Maternal and Child Health Communication

Length: 5 Weeks

Learners will improve their communication skills, including respectful maternal care, as applied to a maternal and child health context. Topics covered: 

  • Introduction to Communication 
  • Communicating with Women and Mothers 
  • Communicating with Children and Families 
  • Communication Policies and Practices 

*Course available in English & French

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Water, Sanitation, & Health (WASH)

Length: 7 Weeks

Learners will acquire knowledge of WASH principles for application in community and facility-based WASH projects. Topics covered:  

  • An Introduction to WASH 
  • Improving Access to Water and Sanitation 
  • Health and Hygiene Promotion 
  • Implementing WASH Projects 
  • Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS)
  • WASH in Health Facilities 

*Course available in English 


Economic Strengthening Activities (ESA)

Length: 8 Weeks

Learners will acquire knowledge about ESA principles and how to plan and sustain a successful ESA. Topics covered:  

  • Introduction to ESAs and the Sustainable Livelihoods Approach.
  • Creating a successful ESA.
  • Financial Projections and Planning
  • Sustaining and Strengthening ESAs
  • ESA Learning Stories

*Course available in English & French


* Prerequisite: Health Care Management & Project Management

L4H Advocacy

Advocacy: Turning Passion into Action

Length: 5 Weeks

Learners will define different kinds of advocacy and develop strategic advocacy skills to implement in new or ongoing advocacy initiatives. Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Advocacy 
  • Strategic Advocacy - Assessment, Planning, Implementation and Monitoring 
  • Advocacy Stories

*Course available in English and French


L4H Grants and Proposals

Proposal Writing and Grant Management

Length: 5 Weeks

Learners will gain comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in understanding, preparing, writing, receiving, managing, and closing grant proposals. Topics covered:

  • Understanding Grant Proposals
  • Preparing to Write a Proposal 
  • Writing a Proposal and Receiving a Grant
  • Managing and Closing a Grant

*Course available in English and French

* Prerequisite: Health Care Management & Project Management

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Hear from Our Students

Sr. Mwamba Mwenya, Zambia

"The design of the Learning for Humanity (L4H) platform is very practical and simple, which enables everyone to underwent the content...I have been empowered with knowledge. Zambia is benefitting a lot because of L4H. I am now competent in my work as an administrator."

Sr. Kum Shallotte Bi, Cameroon

"Learning for Humanity transformed my ability to run our health facility. As a result, we increased patient outcomes among women, children and vulnerable populations, significantly reducing neonatal death and maternal mortality - and this is just the beginning! 

Sr. Prisca Chuzu, Zambia

"Learning for Humanity has empowered me with knowledge on many issues. As a result of the Nutrition Path, I can now competently screen children for malnutrition using MUAC tape. I am also planning cooking demonstrations for women and mothers."


Sr. Mary Ann Guevara, DC, Phillipines

“I enjoyed learning about affective and effective leadership. I applied the course material to my day-to-day ministry. I hope and pray that I continue my leadership role and build new leaders along the way. L4H will always be there for me.”

Sr. Inah Alyssa Ellana, DC, Philippines

“L4H provides a simple yet profound and helpful avenue to learn, re-learn, and unlearn. The staff is amicable and accommodating and is willing to help. I understood the essentials of communication. I am implementing it in my apostolate here on the island with the indigenous peoples.”

Sr. Gloria González, Dominican Sister of the Presentation, Haiti

“Because of L4H, I now manage the pharmacy better, without breaking my head. I didn't know how to write a project, but thanks to L4H, I can even analyze a project. The courses are exciting; as soon as I open one, I can't stop myself from leaving it.” 


Sr Francelène Labbé, Sister of Charity of Saint Hyacinthe, Haiti

“Because of L4H, I now manage the pharmacy better, without breaking my head. I didn't know how to write a project, but thanks to L4H, I can even analyze a project. The courses are exciting; as soon as I open one, I can't stop myself from leaving it.” 

Champions for L4H

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