Give a Gift. Save a Life.

Your Gift Will Save Lives

These simple gifts can mean a world of difference in places where medicines, health services, healthcare education, and economic empowerment are missing. Help us get one step closer to a world where no child dies from preventable causes.


Help a Mom and New Baby Fleeing Violence in Cameroon$20


Prevent a Child from Dying in Haiti - Donate an Anti-Diarrheal Kit$25

malnurished children in forest

Treat 20 Displaced Malnourished Children in Cameroon$30

health worker training woman

Provide Training for Community Health Workers to Help Save More Lives$45


Donate Life-Saving Medicines to Treat 100 Children$50


Support Income Generating Activities for Vulnerable Women$60

home garden in Sudan

Help a Vulnerable Family Grow Food in Sudan and Prevent Malnutrition$75


Donate Delivery Kits for Pregnant Women in Zambia$150


Stock a Small Village Pharmacy Cabinet with Medicines$250

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