Celebrating 25 Years

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A Message from Our Board Chair

Medicines for Humanity has reached a significant milestone! It has been 25 years since Tim Bilodeau decided to take “the road not taken” and do something about the needless, preventable deaths of millions of children each year. Tim implored us to act. He told us, “The house is on fire,” referring to the tens of thousands of children who die with each passing day. He was compelled to fight this injustice and he sent out the call to everyone who believed that every life is precious.

The mission of Medicines for Humanity is very simple and direct. It is to savethe lives of children by going to places where there are many dying – where there are high child mortality rates – and providing the basic medicines and health services they need.We don’t do this alone. We are successful because of the commitment and hard work of our staff, our in-country partners, our Board, and our generous donors.

Twenty-five years later, Tim’s vision and legacy continue through Medicines for Humanity projects around the
globe. I am grateful to be part of this and invite you to celebrate our progress together.

Thank you for your support.


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Cordelia "Kirk" Ryan

Medicines for Humanity Board Chair

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