Over 900,000 critically needed healthcare services are provided at MFH projects on an annual basis.


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Executive Director: Timothy W. Bilodeau 

When asked why he founded Medicines for Humanity, Tim Bilodeau responds, “When I realized that each year over 8 million children were dying from diseases that were preventable and treatable… my sense of injustice was overwhelming.  I had to do something about it… something effective and direct… and I had to do it now!” A graduate of Harvard College and Stanford Business School, Tim has over fifteen years of experience in the arena of international health. He has served previously as Executive Director of Por Cristo and as Special Projects Director with Catholic Relief Services.


Program Director: Kenneth Muko

Kenneth has a wealth of clinical credentials and a vast amount of field experience. Originally trained as a pharmacist, he holds two Masters Degrees in Pharmacy and in Public Health. He also has a strong background in Health and HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and support projects. Prior to joining MFH, he worked as a Program Manager for Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in Cameroon, and later on as Project Manager in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Kenneth has authored and published several articles on health-related issues in peer- reviewed journals. His first-hand knowledge of the developing worldview enhances and expands our ability to join with partners to fight child mortality in impoverished communities even more effectively and with key insights.


Associate Program Director: Amelia Brandt

Amelia oversees all Medicines for Humanity projects in LAC. Prior to MFH, Amelia worked with children and youth on three continents, with extensive experience in Latin America.  She worked to improve education and health in marginalized rural communities in Ecuador, as well as with Colombian refugees.  She has also been a Protection Counselor with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Washington, DC. Amelia holds Masters Degrees in Social Work and Public Health from Washington University in St. Louis.


Coordinator – Program Services Central America: Jose Eduardo Ramirez

As Coordinator of Central American Projects, Eduardo Ramírez manages the needs of the impoverished communities where MFH works and coordinates the effective ways that MFH Program Services helps “in-country” partners there reduce child mortality.  He has previous experience in healthcare management working for the Prelature of Esquipulas (eastern Guatemala) and distinguished himself on a national basis as Executive Secretary of the Catholic Church’s National Youth Commission in Guatemala.


Coordinator – Program Services Haiti: Dusson St. Jean

Dusson is a native of Sibert, a section of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where MFH has been working with The Daughters of Charity since 2012. After completing High School, Dusson was awarded a full two-year scholarship to Kentucky State University where he earned an Associate’s Degree in Electronics Technology.  Dusson has always had a passion to serve in the health field. In 2001, he began working with the Daughters of Charity at Lucelia Bontemps Health Center in Sibert. As the Archive and Data Manager, he modernized the record-keeping system and improved the health information system at the clinic.  Dusson joined MFH as the Haiti Country Coordinator in 2014.  In his own words, he loves his work because he has “a chance to save lives in Haiti – – including in my hometown.”


Coordinator – Program Services East Africa: Kihembo Leonidas

”Leonny” brings more than 15 years of professional experience as a social worker and university lecturer to his position as coordinator of MFH East Africa projects, a position he has held since 2007. He has broad experience across a variety of disciplines, strong organizational skills, and familiarity with the kinds of challenges that projects in East Africa must overcome. He holds a Master of Arts degree as well as Postgraduate Diplomas in Education from Makerere University, Kampala. He has also holds a degree in Philosophy from Urbanian University, Rome through the Philosophy Centre Jinja, Uganda.


Coordinator – Program Services Cameroon: Formbui Paul Atah

In addition to his management skills, F. Paul has an extensive background in HIV/AIDS prevention and education as well as community needs assessment and capacity building from his previous position as Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for Project Hope. He is the Co-author and presenter of a paper entitled Community Services Fighting HIV/AIDS, at the International Society for Study of Behavioral Development Workshop July 2004 Theme:  HIV/AIDS and African Youth. He is also the author of several abstracts centered on HIV/AIDs prevention among the youth in rural African communities. He holds a Masters degree in Ethno-Biology from University of Dschang, West Province, Cameroon.


Coordinator – Program Services Dominican Republic: Elisa Ventura Avila Zapata

Elisa’s background in management and accounting, combined with her experience in human resources and administration, provide MFH projects in the Dominican Republic with the kind of oversight and organization required to manage three very different programs. Although all three focus primarily of batey outreach (poor shanty villages in remote rural areas), the projects are the results of very specific community-focused goals formulated in conjunction with our partners in Quisqueya, Consuelo and Barahona. A native of San Pedro de Macoris, where she also earned her degree from Central Eastern University, Elisa has an in-depth knowledge of the region and a commitment to its people.


Coordinator – Program Services Rwanda: Janvier Muhire

Janvier holds a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the National University of Rwanda and is currently in the final stages of completing a Masters Degree in Business Administration. Before joining MFH Janvier was the coordinator for Community Health Workers at the Nyanza Hospital in Rwanda. He has also worked with CARITAS Gikongo and the National Institute of Statistics Rwanda. Janvier speaks Nkinyarwanda, French and English.


Coordinator – Program Services Guyana: Marcian Gravesande

A registered nurse with 25 years of experience in all areas of nursing, Marcian has worked as staff in Ward, Emergency Room, Operating Room, ICU, Supervision, Clinical Coordinator and Infection Control Officer. She was also a First Responder Instructor and Coordinator of the Project Dawn Health Center, a facility that was originally engaged in giving medical/surgical aid to the Guyanese people and is now operating as a teaching facility of postgraduate studies for Doctors and Nurses.


Development Director: Richard J. Weisberg

Dick became formally associated with MFH as a member of the Board of Directors in 1996. He currently oversees the MFH development office and the organization’s fundraising initiatives. He is a marketing executive with an extensive background in electronic media and communications. In addition to his development role at MFH, he serves as Managing Director of B/R Creative, which provides marketing strategy and branding campaigns to a roster of national and regional clients.


Associate Development Director: Christopher Bilodeau

Chris grew up hearing about the injustice of millions of children dying each year from preventable diseases from his dad, Tim, who founded MFH. After graduating from Babson College, where he was a Presidential Scholar and Captain of the varsity basketball team, he began his career in the private sector, working for Pricewaterhouse Coopers. But the non-profit world kept calling to him, and eventually led him back to his roots and to MFH. According to Chris, “I get to spend every day working to save the lives of children.  What job has more meaning than that!” Chris is responsible for coordinating all fundraising activities and events.