Clean Water and Sanitation

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Reducing Child Mortality: Providing Clean Water and Sanitation

  • Clean water and sanitation are proven means of preventing many of the major causes of child mortality such as diarrhea, dehydration, and the spread of infectious diseases.
  • Clean water and sanitation are also an important for preventing many illnesses that weaken children and increase malnutrition.
  • MFH collaborates with our in-country healthcare partners to initiate programs to increase the number of people with access to clean sources of water, to install latrines, and to educate the community about methods to help assure potable water and good hygiene.

Examples of Projects with Clean Water and Sanitation Components:

Shisong Cameroon Sanitation


 Shisong, Cameroon



Water Gakoma, Rwanda


Gakoma, Rwanda 



Clean Water Simbi Rwanda


 Simbi, Rwanda