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The primary goal of Medicines for Humanity (MFH) is to reduce child mortality in impoverished communities around the world by:

  • Collaborating with credible and competent healthcare providers already serving these communities.
  • Targeting the most vulnerable children and women.
  • Supporting and building the capacity of our in-country healthcare partners.
  • Initiating or expanding evidence-based, effective interventions to reduce child mortality and improve child survival.
  • Leveraging our extensive and successful project experience in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) and Africa.
  • Using child survival initiatives with evidence-based effectiveness.

To accomplish this goal, we work to increase the number of vulnerable children and mothers that receive:

  1. Maternal and Child healthcare including pre-natal, birthing, and post-natal services and essential medicines
  2. Ongoing assistance from trained and motivated community health workers (CHWs)
  3. Nutrition services and education
  4. Clean water and sanitation