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Community Overview: The Simbi Health Centre is located in the Huye District. The predominantly hilly landscape limits access to healthcare services as a result of transportation challenges. Access to clean water is a key problem as most of the water sources are in the valleys and are usually exposed to contaminants form erosion when it rains.  Lack of information about health promotion and related practices is also a problem. MFH is working in partnership with the health center to train and support Community Health Workers, to increase access to basic health care services, and to increase access to water for the inhabitants of the community.

Service Area Population: Approximately 45,650

Project Partner: Sisters of Charity

The Sisters of Charity are devoted to the works of charity through the ministries of education, caring for the sick, the aging and the poor, wherever there is a need.  They cultivate and dedicate themselves to a spirit of simplicity and selfless service.

Project Overview:  Training and motivating Community Health Workers is the focal point of this innovative project in Rwanda.  The innovation is taking the clinic-based care for children that is focused on treating the major causes of child mortality (pneumonia, malaria, diarrhea, malnutrition) and moving this care into the hands of the CHWs.  More capable CHWs means that more vulnerable children can be treated more effectively.