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Community Overview:

The Gakoma Health Center is located in the Gakoma Parish of the Butare Diocese and is managed by the Banabikira Sisters.  It provides curative and preventive health services to the people of living in the Gisakara health district. Access to healthcare is an economic challenge for most people living in the communities around Gakoma as most of them live on less than $1 a day. MFH is supporting the Gakoma Health Center to address healthcare-related challenges such as HIV/AIDS, opportunistic diseases for children, malnutrition and unclean water.

Service Area Population: Approximately 36,640

Project Partner: The Daughters of the Virgin Mary

The Daughters of the Virgin Mary are a religious community of women formed in Rwanda in response to an appearance of the Virgin Mary in Kibeho in 1981.  The sisters are dedicated to serve the poorest of the poor in her name.

Project Overview: Community health worker (CHW) training and motivation is the focal point of this innovative project in Rwanda.  The innovation is taking the clinic-based care for children that is focused on treating the major causes of child mortality (pneumonia, malaria, diarrhea, malnutrition) and moving this care into the hands of the Community Health Workers. More capable CHWs means that more vulnerable children can be treated more effectively.