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Lea Toto Kenya

Country Location: Eastern Africa, bordering the Indian Ocean, between Somalia and Tanzania

Country Overview: Kenya gained its independence in 1963. Since then there have been a series of political struggles and violence. Most recently in 2007, charges of vote rigging during an election resulted in two months of violence during which as many as 1,500 people died. UN-sponsored talks in late February produced a power sharing accord. In August 2010, Kenya adopted a new constitution that eliminates the role of prime minister after the next presidential election.

Country Under 5 Child Mortality Rate (per thousand births): 84*

Community Overview: MFH is also working with a community-based program called “Lea Toto” – Swahili for “to raise a child,” across several impoverished sections of Nairobi including Kibera and Kangeme.  HIV AIDS is a terrible scourge throughout Kenya, and children are not spared.  Perhaps the most compelling children are those who are both orphans and HIV positive.  Those are the children we target with this project.

Service Area Population: Approximately 4,000 orphans

Project Partner: Nyumbani Orphanage/The Jesuit Fathers

Nyumbani Orphanage was founded by Jesuit father, Angelo D’Agostino in 1992 in response to the devastation caused by HIV AIDS in Kenya.  This facility serves HIV positive orphans, and has grown to include a laboratory, a village for HIV+ orphans, and a community-based program named “Lea Toto.”

Project Overview:  MFH is working with the staff of the Nyumbani orphanage in Nairobi to identify HIV positive orphans in several slum areas around Nairobi and make sure that they get the medicines and healthcare they need. This effort is part of a community-based project called “Lea Toto.” To keep these orphans living in the community, the project also offers support to family member “caregivers.”