Dandora, Nairobi

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Dandora Kenya

Community Overview: Dandora, is an impoverished section of Nairobi. Originally established to offer a higher standard of housing for city dwellers, the area has turned into high-density slum with high levels of unemployment. The community has also become a major dumping site for the city of Nairobi, thus the poor sanitation and poor quality of water there predisposes children to water borne diseases. Because of the dire poverty and difficult living conditions, healthcare for children in this community is hard to come by.

A community clinic in Dandora provides some basic primary healthcare.  Despite this, many children die at birth or in their first year at higher rates than the country average (80 out of every 1,000 live births).  The community clinic previously struggled to identify and provide care for high-risk pregnant women and their babies in the critical prenatal and post-natal period. MFH is helping them to do that now.

Service Area Population: Approximately 400,000 families

Project Partner:  The Holy Cross Fathers

The Congregation of Holy Cross is a religious order of priests and brothers in the Roman Catholic Church. Approximately 1,500 Holy Cross members live and work in some 16 countries on five continents. Established as a community in 1837, Holy Cross Fathers typically work at the grassroots level, usually in areas related to education, parish work, and missionary outreach.

Project Overview: The biggest cause of child mortality in Dandora has been that high-risk pregnant women are not identified or provided with adequate health services.  MFH is working with the staff of the Brother Andre Clinic to provide pre-natal and post-natal health services, and a system of Community Health Workers to identify and assist high-risk pregnant women. The CHW’s offer skilled medical assistance during birth, as well as monitoring, care and assistance for mother and baby in the first weeks after birth.