#5forHumanity: A Call to Action

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On May 22nd, 2016, a group of committed individuals will make a collective statement on their social media platforms to raise awareness about the unjust and unnecessary death of millions of children each year from treatable and preventable causes.   This group will also make a collective gift to help Medicines for Humanity and its in-country partners in their mission to save vulnerable children by increasing access to primary healthcare services.

The concept behind this collective statement and gift is #5forHumanity.

On May 22nd, members of “#5forHumanity Launch Team” will:

1) Donate $5

2) Post a selfie with their hand raised or a picture of their hand, and

3) Challenge (tag) 5 friends to “Raise their Hands” and join the fight against the injustice faced by vulnerable children in impoverished communities around the world.

At the end of the campaign, all of the ‘hands’ posted with the #5forHumanity tag will be gathered into a special mosaic that will represent the collective statement and the collective gift…and the commitment, compassion, and care of the people who “Raised Their Hands.”

To join the “#5forHumanity Launch Team” and to start spreading the word click here!

With just a little bit of your time and little bit of your money, you can make an exponential difference and impact the lives of some of the most vulnerable children on the planet.

Don’t have Facebook?  Click here to donate $5.   Remember to post on Twitter or Instagram on May 22nd!

An Injustice Worth Fighting